Auto Electrician

Auto Electrician

Auto Electrician

Auto Electrician Services, Gold Coast

Our expert team of auto electricians will diagnose and repair your auto electrical problems with professionalism and care, backed by years’ of industry-earned experience and expert auto electrician services. Whatever your Auto Electrical problem, Jack Frost will quickly and efficiently carry out their service having your car in fine working order once again.

We Provide all Auto Electrician services including:

  • Quality starter motors with 2&3 years warranty
  • Quality alternators with 2&3 years warranty
  • Supercharge batteries car,4×4,truck,motorcycle
  • Dual batteries charging systems DC to DC chargers
  • Dual battery smart solenoids
  • Electric brake control  units
  • Electric windows & mirrors
  • Camper trailer & caravan  wiring & Fit outs
  • Wipers – front and rear
  • Ignition switches & ignition barrels
  • Electric aerials and mast replacements
  • Turbo timers
  • Reversing cameras & sensors
  • In-dash multimedia units
  • 12volt tv’s head rest tv/dvd
  • Bluetooth car kits
  • Hands-free car kits
  • All marine electrical, lighting and auxiliary
  • Repairs of all electrical shorts and faults
  • Car audio installations and sales

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